Electrical Services

Everding Electric will oversee your electrical project from blueprint or spec sheet to final inspection. We will apply for and obtain all necessary permits/inspections and follow the project through to the end.


Years of experience in the field of electricity allows us to solve even the most difficult electrical problems. Tripping breakers, outlets that fail to operate properly, improperly grounded electrical systems, and anything electrical that fails to co-operate and function correctly can be solved by our team of educated experts.

Commercial Build-Out/Remodel:

Demolition and installation of lighting, electrical switches, electrical power poles, receptacles and power for larger appliances such as copiers, scanners, plotters, water heaters, screen printing equipment, ovens, air conditioning/heating units, dishwashers and anything else that may need to be energized.

We have also installed and performed maintenance on a variety of emergency power systems such as backup generators, battery backups and automatic/manual transfer switching devices. Ethernet/data cabling, telephone/fax lines and coaxial cable runs are also among the services we offer.


Installation and maintenance of conveyors, motors, control stations, variable frequency drives, and emergency stop systems. We have performed work at, but are not limited to - sand mines, fertilizer plants, fuel docks, coal fired electrical power plants, and several conveyor-driven distribution facilities.

Our Boom Truck:

The boom truck expands the scope of our services by allowing us to service and install pole lights, lighted signage, wall-packs, down-lights and canopy lighting that may be out of reach from standard ladders. Our journeymen are also licensed to operate machinery such as forklifts, scissor lifts and other indoor lift machinery.